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Childrens Eyecare

Pilbeam Opticians has built a reputation in Loughborough for children's eye care. Our team of highly trained professionals deliver exceptional support for children from birth right through to teenagers.

Our thorough eye exams are gentle and fun. We recommend annual eye exams to allow our experienced opticians to spot any potential problems early and monitor the development of children’s eyesight.

Contact Lenses For Children

Contact lenses provide many young people with an alternative to their spectacles, convenient for getting involved in sports or other social activities, and they can be prescribed by optometrists who can also recommend specialist contact lens types that reduce myopia progression in children.

Children's Designer Eyewear

We've carefully selected an exclusive range from some of the most stylish brands, including Nike and Joules, so that our kids' eyewear will fit perfectly into their lives.

Children's Designer Glasses

Book A Kids Eye Test

We recommend children have an annual eye examination to check the health of their eyes and their vision. If they have experienced a change in their vision, children aren't always aware of it, so it's best to schedule in a regular eye test for peace of mind. If you have any questions or concerns, contact us today to take advantage of our years of experience.

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