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Myopia Control

At Pilbeam Opticians we use the latest in contact lens and spectacle lens technology to help prevent the progression of myopia (short-sightedness) in children and young adults.

What Is Myopia?

Myopia, or nearsightedness, is a condition in which the eye cannot focus on objects in the distance. The most common cause of myopia is an elongated eyeball.

How Does Myopia Develop?

The causes of myopia are not fully understood but there is evidence that genetics plays a role. Children whose parents have high levels of myopia tend to inherit this trait. Myopia usually starts between the ages of 5 and 12. It progresses slowly over time and typically reaches its peak around age 16.

Is Myopia Hereditary?

Yes. In fact, the risk of developing myopia increases as the number of family members affected by the disorder rises.

Can I Stop Myopia From Progressing?

Yes! There are several ways to slow down the progression of myopia:

• Use special spectacle lenses from Essilor when reading books, doing homework, or studying. "This lens is made of a cutting-edge constellation of 'lenslets'. On top of bringing sharp vision like a standard single vision lens, this constellation creates a signal in the child's eye acting as a shield against eye elongation". (Essilor Stellest)

• Use MiSight® 1 day contact lenses, "which have a special optical design which may help to slow down the speed at which myopia progresses". (Coopervision MiSight)

• Wear soft contact lenses instead of hard ones. This helps to flatten out the curvature of the cornea.

• Get regular eye exercises. This strengthens the muscles in the back of the eye which hold the eyeball steady while focusing on distant objects.

• Take part in outdoor activities such as cycling, swimming or playing sports. This keeps the eyes active and prevents them from becoming lazy.

Check If Your Child Is Suitable For Myopia Control

If Myopia is treated early enough, there is a greater chance of preventing any visual impairment later in life. Contact us today to get started!

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